Shelterbelt Inventory

Shelterbelt Inventory Tool (Belt-IT) (2016 Data)

The Shelterbelt Inventory Tool (Belt-IT) is an easy-to-use, interactive information system designed to provide you with the most up-to-date, extensive, and customized shelterbelt inventory data for your location. The output charts and values of the Belt-IT tool are intended to help you make management decisions about your existing shelterbelts, as well as to plan the designs for your future shelterbelts, based on existing designs currently being used by land managers in your area.

The Belt-IT tool estimates carbon stocks and lengths for all existing shelterbelts (in 2016). As shown in the Chart outputs (pie and bar charts below) of the Belt-IT tool, the shelterbelt carbon stocks and lengths are estimated for the following combinations of shelterbelt characteristics:

  • two shelterbelt types (farm=farm yard; field= crop field),
  • three species groups (C=coniferous (pine, spruce); D=deciduous (ash, maple, poplar); S=shrub (caragana))
  • three condition groups (G=good (>80% of trees remaining); F=fair (50-80% of trees remaining); P=poor (<50% of trees remaining)
  • three width categories (N=narrow (1-row); M=medium (2-3 rows); W=wide (>3 rows)
  • four planting designs (Bracket; L-shape; Linear; other)
  • six planting directions (E-W=east-west; NE-SW=northeast-southwest; N-S=north-south; SE-NW=southeast-northwest; etc.)
  • seven planting length groups (0-50 m; 51-100 m; 101-200 m; 201-400 m; 401-800 m; 801-1600 m; >1601 m)
  • seven age groups (in 2016) (0-10 yr; 11-20 yr; 21-30 yr; 31-40 yr; 41-50 yr; 51-60 yr; >61 yr)


The Belt-IT tool is accessible for any location in agricultural Saskatchewan through the Belt-CaT Tool, and through the cluster links below (listed under Location). If you need to determine your cluster ID, then please go to this mapping application

  1. Then, click on a GRAY button to select your desired shelterbelt category or group. The Belt-IT tool will estimate data and update the charts based only on your selection, while excluding all other categories and groups.
  2. To select more than one GRAY buttons – hold the CTRL key on your keyboard – while clicking on multiple shelterbelt categories or groups.
  3. To RESET your selection for any shelterbelt category or group- Click on the top-right icon (resembling a funnel next to a red x-symbol) located above the gray buttons for that category or group.



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